Quetta; back in 1994 when one could only wish to be able to go to a good school, IQRA APS was an unexpected little heaven for all students as well as teachers. That’s where I was honoured to have sir Fazil Mousavi as my art teacher. My first art teacher who taught me ahead of times. The skills that I learned from sir Fazil were so advanced that when I joined university as an art student I already knew all about those techniques taught at that level.

His teaching method spoke of his passion and commitment to be a teacher who will be remembered for life and years to come. Anyone who has been his student knows how courageous he has always been.

Creating a peaceful and friendly environment amidst chaos is one of the bravest of things one could strive for and sir Fazil has been doing exactly that. He is a ray of hope and light for hundreds and thousands of students eager to learn.

I, Sadia Sarmad is proud be his student. The things he taught, lead me in the right direction and shaped me into a better artist. May Allah give you healthy and a happy life and the strength to continue this journey of shaping better humans. Thank you Sir for being nothing less than a great teacher!