There were times when Art was looked down and frowned upon, strong hold of stereotypes, a time where the peer pressure of society produced many generations of government related ranks, doctors, army personas etc. Parallel to such necessities, a man somehow manages to go against all odds, he decides to travel the road less travelled, 0000 years producing and educating young would be artists and still no looking back, in fact, the man’s wisdom is growing like the roots of an ancient tree, all that information and experience spamming through several generations, he has built for himself and others , through different means, he blessed several generations with his wisdom and his Art. For me, it started in school when it was all about pencils and crayons, not to overlap and cross the lines while coloring, he taught me that! And sometimes I did manage to actually keep it inside the box. Years passed and as we all grow up, shape in different versions of ourselves, I met Sir Fazil Mosavi again after, let’s say, one thousand years later, long after he is done with his retirement, raising a few generations, he is still blessing the new generation of artists with enhanced understanding of life and prepare them for the doors that yet have to be opened. The man is a powerhouse, with his eclectic persona, in the footsteps of traditional Quetta mountains, he is spreading love.