Oil Painting Lessons

Oil Painting Master Series is a course designed to guide students into the world of oil painting by clearly illustrating and explaining materials and a variety of painting techniques. You will not only learn how to paint with oils, but also how to prepare a palette, choose brushes, mix colors, prepare a support and more.

  • No previous experience or knowledge is required
  • This course is for absolutely anyone!

What Will I Learn?

  • How to choose the right materials, their properties, and how to use them in oil painting
  • How to prepare a support – boards, stretching, and preparing canvas
  • How to layout your palette and mix complex colors
  • How to make your own oil paints from pure pigment
  • Pre-painting fundamentals
  • The secret to blending oil paint to create smooth transitions of value and color
  • How to create an underpainting
  • How to glaze color over an underpainting using the “Old Masters” technique
  • How to paint directly using observed colors
  • How to paint on a toned surface to create dramatic contrast
  • How to paint folded cloth
  • How to paint realistic clouds
  • How to paint a representational portrait
  • How to paint Alla Prima (Wet into Wet)
  • How to use a knife to create Impasto effects in a painting
  • How to paint as an Impressionist
  • How to approach a Non-Traditional painting (Non-Objective, Abstract)
  • The secrets to creating reflection and transparency with oils

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