Water Color Painting Techniques

Watercolor painting at its core is built upon pigment, water, and a painting surface. So many classes teach techniques without the painter having a complete understanding of these foundational elements. Using her approachable, easy-to-understand teaching method and by incorporating stories, animation, and live demonstrations, the artist gently guides the viewer through topics such as What is paint? What are the properties of pigments? How do the properties of water influence the painting process? And how does the painting surface or brush material influence paint application? Upon completing this course, viewers will feel more confident about learning new techniques, they will have freedom to explore their own artistic voice, and will be better able to problem solve as they move along in the medium.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course applies to both new painters as well as experienced painters. For the new painter, it will make the learning process much easier. For the experienced painter, it will give you a deeper understanding of the medium.
  • This is not just a watercolor technique class. Instead, this is intended to give viewers broader, deeper understanding of the medium.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn watercolor techniques quicker and easier
  • Understand what watercolor paint is and how it is unique
  • Discern how a paint will perform based on its pigment property
  • Gain insight into water's important role in the water media painting process
  • Appreciate the importance of surface texture and structure when you paint
  • Understand the differences between brush materials
  • Problem-solve with success when something goes wrong in the painting process
  • Feel freer in developing your own artistic voice

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